Sep. 20, 2018

Painkillers Malayalam Full Movie Free Download

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Marines sent on a classified mission to Afghanistan find themselves trapped in a military hospital with no memory of how they got there.

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original title: Painkillers

genge: Action,Sci-Fi,Thriller

imdb: 4.8

duration: 1h 42min

tags: The cure for mankind has been discovered.





































Marines sent on a classified mission to Afghanistan find themselves trapped in a military hospital with no memory of how they got there. A squad of Special Forces are sent into the mountainous regions of Afghanistan to retrieve a top secret package. Now they are back and undergoing treatment at a medical facility. They did not retrieve the package and lost three members of their team. The bigger problem is they have no memory of what happened. Something so horrifying occurred it wiped the entire squad's memories clean. As they slowly put the pieces together, they realize that their story is extraordinary and nothing is at it seems. They know once they reveal their knowledge to the investigators, they will be eliminated to protect the secrecy of the project. The survivors team together one last time to regain their memories and escape the facility. I tried to make this review "spoiler-free" as I felt this was worth watching. Good start, I agree with the other reviewers it felt a lot like a New Twilight Zone or Outer Limits episode. Some interesting twists, some I saw coming but a few caught me off guard. I like the casting choices for such a small cast, they worked well together. Military action scenes in Afghanistan, seemed contrived at best. There were so many inconsistencies when it came to props and the behavior of actual soldiers. (The actual blank plugs in the assault rifles that were painted black were funny) I do not believe this movie was ever intended as an action movie. I believe the focus was meant as a psychological thriller with sci-fi and military-industrial conspiracy elements. Some of the action scenes felt like they were added to attract certain audience types. The movie did slow down at parts but it seemed to be for tension, atmosphere building and building background for sequels or a series. Way too many unanswered questions, some conveniently answered in the voice-over at the end. Deus Ex Machina . . . I have to agree with another reviewer as this felt like it was meant to be a 2 episode series premiere for syfy channel or its like. The movie was 1 hour and 45 minutes which is 30 minutes longer than most movies. There was a natural first episode ending about 42 minutes which reinforces the idea that this was a series premiere. It feels like there was added footage to make it a standalone movie and wrap it up with a nice bow Not great, but had it become a series I would have probably watched at least the first season off my DVR eventually. I liked it, not great but I did like it. The plot: after a botched mission, a group a marines wake up in a hospital without knowing how they got there.

Maybe it's because I've seen too many of these B movies, but I guessed about half of the plot twists in the first ten minutes. In low-budget B movies, there are only so many reasons that a group of commandos wake up in a hospital with no memory. On the positive side, there were some decent twists that I didn't see. If you're looking for a great plot, though, I'd say that you should skip this movie. It's fairly low budget, and it looks like it was mostly shot in a warehouse.

The acting was occasionally pretty bad. There's one scene early on where the squad is pinned down by enemy fire. One of the soldiers abruptly dies, and the others pretty much just shrug their shoulders and move on. I probably had a stronger reaction to his death than they did, and I really didn't care all that much. At other times, they overacted like hell. Colm Feore didn't have a huge role, but his scenes were pretty good.

It's a bit too long, and there some slow spots, but I didn't find it as boring as some other reviewers. I'm not entirely sure who I'd recommend this film to, but if you're into conspiracy-tinged thrillers, this might be up your alley. Someone said to watch it for ten minutes, then decide if you like it enough to continue. I agree with that.


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